TALA (jasmine3) wrote,

where the fetch did everyone go? and why is there no food in the cafateria?? Blast

Im in san fransisco!

This situation I am in is very odd...
I have met some people but not everyone is moved in yet including my room mate and right now i just wish i either had a best friend here with me or that the city wasnt quite so big. The people I have met are cool and funny and all of that. Last night some guys and a few asian girls and me went down to pier 39. There is so much to do and it was pretty fun. One of the guys bought a pair of real wierd sun glasses becuase i said they were hot and than regreted it, and i laughed at him because it was dark out. Than he bought me a shot glass from hooters. Hes sorta a crazy kid. If I just didnt love some of the people back in vancouver as much as i do, than things here would seem like a wonder world. But, I will be the first to admit it... I miss you

PS.. my room rocks. It has two floor to cealing windows from 4th floor and its a big room with victorian wall paper and tall cealings with a bathroom with an old fashioned tub!! rock on
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