TALA (jasmine3) wrote,

FIGHT!!??who.. me?

so I totally got in a fight last night.. It was a really bad situation but these girls stole my earings and bitched out my best friend here for no good reason trying to get us to talk back, probably so she could mug me and get the earings. Well I knew it would get me in trouble if i said one thing but i couldnt take it and when we were about 7 yards away from the party we were at on ocean beach, and i told the girl to stop messing with my friend and following us and that she better leave me the fuck alone. and at that very moment in time i saw the glass bottel in her had and realized the best i was gonna walk away was awake. So she came up to me and i let her hit me twice in the face without fighting back cause i knew i could get hurt even worse. Well she stole my earings on pretty gucci chains and almost broke my nose. Its all swolen and when im not in my makeup you can totally tell i was hit, ughhhhh... If that bottle wasnt in her hand i could have gotten a years worth of anger out. but uh... Im glad im at this state at least.

so yea.. today was cool though. Besides the wierd guy at brunch that i have to see on the weekends.. ahhhh major creppy. He wanted to take pics of me today for his film class.. and it would not be a cool deal for me.. nope. I have the worst f ing cold in the world, and i have to paint with guache for color and design (scared) well im gonna go find the room that said they had pizza...haha.


someone is listening to nirvana. I can hear it through the alley way

makes me miss

i love you but im not gonna cut
i miss you but im not gonna cut
im so horny but thats okay cause so are you
im in a daze cause i found god
i love you but im not gonna cut
i miss you

okay, tala is crazy
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