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So tomorrow I start classes! I have intro to Mac and color and design, than a 3 day weekend. Today i went to a meeting to get to know my directors in advertising, and I am very excited about how professional this schools program is. There are many expectations and goals within the agency that will keep me working:) and hopefully keep creative.
So my friend Eric and i walked since we both decided this would be a smart idea (to meet your directors)and our buildings were close together. Its about a 40 min walk but its through a really nice part of town so i think i will have to find the time to walk to class instead of taking the buss. My good friend here (lyndsay) and i found the awesomest clothing botique last night. All of the stuff in there is hand made by local artists, and its just awesome fashion. I got an apron that you just wear over your jeans only it looks like a jean skirt and it has paint on it. AnnddD these real hott earings.. ooo i was so excited. My money goes like water here its horrible!!

okay i have so much more to say but i have to go get lunch now

this is my address
you guys should send me little pictures and notes and things that make me smile like that

860 Sutter room#416
San Fransisco California 94105

Still have same # 904-9086
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