TALA (jasmine3) wrote,

if someone were to bring me my coffee every day....


ewwww... if i die please knowone let my body go to the browns funeral home dowtown camas

anyways.. now that i am officially creeped out!!! I took allie to taylors and we hung out there and watched the dvd of the fashion show we did few months back. now i am home and i just got a wierd sad little call, about some girl being in huge truble so i was gonna go drive back out to vancouver but it was all settled over the phone... phew

i was supposed to go dancing tonight
Ash is real hard to get a hold of
so i accidently called back jordyn jackson.. ahhhh
why do i have to work and want so hard to see one of my friends. mabye he just dosnet wanna see me anymore... mabye just quits.. ide understand..ide be sad
found my retainer
have to be at joes at 9:00 am
need to wash my face
i hate it when the phone rings and its not for you

I would be quite happy.. it would change the day
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